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How to establish healthy boundaries

Watch this video to learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships and life.

Our capacity to create and maintain healthy boundaries in our relationships and life is greatly influenced by the nature and dynamics of our relationship with our parents when we are children.

The less boundaries and the more projection from our parents took place in early childhood, the more challenging it is for us to go into the world and ‘claim’ our own space and individuality.

If that’s the case for you or someone you are in relationship and who is looking for help with boundaries, it’s important and helpful to work on creating healthy boundaries that will replace the lack of, or the non-optimal boundaries that were first established in childhood.

In this way, it becomes easier to express yourself, your individuality, and to trust yourself and your life choices from moment to moment without having to rely upon any external opinion to validate or invalidate your choices and behaviors.

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