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How to Heal and Enhance All of Your Relationships – Part 1

This video on how to heal and enhance all of your relationships gives you the understandings and insights necessary to heal your relationship with your parents so that you can in turn heal your relationship to yourself, others, and all things in the world.

All of our relationships are founded upon our primary relationship, i.e. our relationship with our parents. Our relationship to money, success, health, abundance, ourselves, others, etc. is a reflection of our parents’ relationships to those things, themselves, and others.

It’s possible to change, heal, and create new relationships with all of those things by re-understanding our relationship to our parents and resolving unresolved emotions, trauma, or beliefs in our family system.

This video on how to heal and enhance all of your relationships provides you with the very first steps in achieving this shift and healing all of your relationships by becoming aware of the way that you feel, experience, and describe your parents and your relationship with them.

Once you’ve identified how you see your parents and how you internally feel about them, you can reconcile the various beliefs, expectations, judgments, and lens that you’ve been projecting onto all of your relationships, including your relationship to yourself.

This gentle exercise gives you the opportunity to clear, heal, and release what’s not useful or supportive of a positive image of self and others so that you can focus on what is and what will help you live a peaceful, enjoyable, happy, and creative life.

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