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How to increase self-confidence and self-trust by developing a sense of self

In this video, you’ll learn how to develop a sense of self, i.e. your core, so that you can feel more grounded, confident, and trusting yourself and your life choices.

Our first relationship, I.e. our relationship with our parents, mother, father, or both, is the foundation for how we experience ourselves, others, and the world and how we feel in the world.

Our capacity to develop a healthy and balanced sense of self, i.e. a core, is primarily influenced by our parents and the role they played in our development.

If our parents were naturally attuned to us and felt safe, good and enough in and of themselves, they were able to give us the space to develop our sense of self, separate from their identities and any limiting beliefs, while sharing and embodying the values that they perceived were in our highest and best good.

If our parents were not feeling safe or sufficiently grounded, and didn’t have the capacity to respect our personal boundaries and to encourage our individuality, then we would have felt inundated by their thoughts, beliefs, rules, feelings, and emotions and it would have been difficult for us to develop our sense of self and a healthy and balance core.

If you sometimes find it difficult to find your place in the world, feel safe and secure in your self and your own choices, and to trust yourself and get a sense for ‘who you are’, then this video can help you gain insights and understandings that can help you develop a healthy sense of self, self-confidence, and self-trust independently of your age or personal situation.

In a future video, we’ll share with you how to establish healthy boundaries where you can experience yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, and your own personal soul’s intentions outside of any outside influence that could limit your capacity to experience deep fulfillment, happiness, creativity, personal freedom, inner peace, and more.

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