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Transcending Habits, Patterns, and Addictions in order to experience greater Joy, Happiness, Inner Peace, and Life Success

This video on transcending habits, patterns, and addictions to experience creativity, happiness, and life success gives you a foundational understanding as to why we keep getting stuck into the same habits and how to begin to break through of this conditioning.

Our habits of thought, emotion, and behavior keep us stuck in the same loops.

Some of those habits or beliefs are supportive of our wellbeing, others are not.

It’s useful to transcend the unwanted habits, patterns, and addictions that keep us feeling limited and disempowered.

If you follow the advice in this video, you can, over time, start to change your emotional state, your feelings and bodily sensations, and therefore also influence your thoughts, choices, and behaviors positively.

Breaking free from the past means no longer revalidating and reinforcing to ourselves why we feel the way we feel and should continue to do so, and begin to create a new state of being and emotion that supports our creativity, happiness, and life success.

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