Category - Depression

Cultivating Gratitude and Elevated Emotions

This guided meditation is designed to help you open you heart and bring about a state of heart and brain coherence, which in turn reinforces the state of heart coherence. When your brain and heart are in a state of coherence, the...

EFT / Tapping for Sadness

This video is designed to help you experience relief from sadness and also to become aware of the underlying root causes for any sadness you might be experiencing so that you can, over time, permanently transcend feelings of sadness and...

Oneness Guided Meditation for Feeling Uplifted and Grateful

A guided meditation that uplifts you through the exploration of our connection to the Universe and everything that is in the Universe, cultivating positive feelings and emotions of love, gratitude and connection that naturally help us feel...

Feeling Good – Guided Meditation for Beginners

A guided meditation that teaches beginners in meditation how to cultivate positive thoughts, feelings and emotions that make them feel good and keep them feeling good no matter what is going externally.

Cheerful Breath – Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that uses an ancient yogic breathing technique called Pratiloma Pranayama used to remove sleepiness. sluggishness and moodiness.

Back of the Heart Release – Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that allows for the release of negative thoughts, emotions, fears, beliefs, expectations, judgments and anything negative that is not supportive of your personal goals. Feel better and rapidly let go of anything that...

Positive Feelings & Emotions – Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that focuses on the power of positive feelings and emotions to uplift you and keep you on track with your intentions and what it is that you wish to experience rather than fearing what might or might not happen.

Mood Uplift – Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that lifts you up by opening your heart, releasing past painful memories and negativity, and inviting new experiences to come into your life as you make space for them.

Letting Go Guided Meditation using the Sedona Method

A guided meditation that helps you release expectations, judgments, fears, beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions that bring you pain and limit your experience of life so that you may reclaim your health, joy and happiness in life. This...

Positive Affirmations – Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that focuses on the power of positive affirmations to focus your awareness on what you want to experience rather than wasting energy worrying about what you don’t have, can’t have or fear losing in the...