Category - Intention & Intuition

Morning Meditation for Happiness, Success, and Abundance

A short morning meditation for happiness, success, and abundance that helps you stay relaxed, open, and focused intentionally on achieving the life success that you want and deserve. In this guided morning meditation for happiness...

Guided Meditation to Open and Activate Your Third Eye

A guided meditation that opens and activates your third eye chakra, thus helping you to develop your intuition and to start receiving inner guidance about your future, Opening your third eye helps you develop your intuition and your...

Mindfulness Meditation for Intentions and Manifestation

A guided meditation that helps beginners in meditation, and others who are new to the law of attraction and manifestation, learn how to clearly set intentions, focus on them optimally, and consciously prioritize their intentions over the...

One Pointedness – Mantra Meditation

A guided meditation that uses mantra to remove inattention and lack of concentration and achieve a state of one-pointedness, thereby increasing focus and concentration.