Category - Success and Money

Cultivating Elevated Emotions through Inner Alchemy

A guided meditation that helps you increase kundalini energy, health, elevated emotions and wellbeing through mindfulness, simple visualization & energy circulation. This guided meditation is designed to help you cultivate elevated...

Wealth Magic – Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that helps clear all blockages (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) in the way of attracting abundance and wealth into your life. Create a life of abundance and wealth!

Removing Obstacles – Mantra Meditation

A guided meditation that uses mantra to remove obstacles of all kinds in one’s life, allowing for a smoother and fastest path to your life intentions and personal goals.

Ganesha mantra meditation for removing obstacles

A guided mantra meditation using the Ganesha mantra to break down any and all obstacles to achieving our goals and manifesting our intentions. Below we offer 2 versions. One recorded by Dexter using the traditional and powerful Ganesha...

Focusing on what you want – Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that lets you enjoy building the life you want to create as you let go of all negative thoughts, emotions and all distractions in the way and focus on what you truly want.