Private Facilitation

Hello! This is Dexter and Alessandrina. We are so happy you’re here. We hope that you’re enjoying the meditations on this website and that they are helping you.  Our greatest wish is that you have the very best life possible – filled with love, joy, wonderful relationships, and more.

If you’re looking for more help, we offer private facilitation over the phone. In these sessions, we help clients become more empowered to:

  • enjoy their lives fully
  • reach their full potential
  • work through issues
  • achieve their goals

This can include any personal, wellness, relationship, family, or spiritual topic.

Alessandrina and I are life coaches and spiritual counselors. We’ve worked intensely with many spiritual teachers and become certified in many different healing modalities (see our about us page on our other website for our complete bio). Over the years, we’ve gathered a lot of information, understandings, and techniques that can help people enhance their lives in every way. We’ve experienced this firsthand by applying what we’ve learned to our own lives.

In sessions, we help people use self-empowering techniques such as:

  • Mindfulness
  • Self awareness
  • Meditation
  • Understanding and processing emotions
  • Understanding relationship dynamics
  • Understanding patterns in their life
  • Attaining higher consciousness

Clients often experience aha moments, relief, and new energy, clarity, and capacity in their lives.

Every client comes to us for something different. That said, depending on what you’re looking for, we can help you:

  • Quiet your mind
  • Resolve negative thoughts, ruminative thinking, and worry
  • Feel good
  • Resolve negative emotions, anger, and fear
  • Relax
  • Resolve stress and anxiety
  • Enjoy your relationships more
  • Resolve relationship issues (we can work with couples)
  • Become more intentional, fulfilled and connected to your life purpose
  • Discover and clear blockages to achieving your goals
  • Transcend unwanted habits and addictions
  • Connect to the love and light of your soul
  • Connect to your spiritual path for this lifetime
  • Live in greater alignment with God/Divine Source

We will also teach you tools and techniques that you can use on your own to continue making progress outside of session time. My wife and I are certified in Hypnosis (with National Guild of Hypnotists), Family Constellations (with Mark Wolynn), Past Life Regression (with Dr. Weiss), Akashic Records (with Gabrielle Orr), Reiki (with several), Meditation (with several), and more. Through this work and our work with spiritual teachers, we’ve learned many transformational techniques that you can use wherever you are.

Sessions cost $2.50/minute. For example:

  • 1 hour = $150
  • 1.5 hours = $225
  • 2 hours = $300

To schedule a session, please contact us at (305) 606 – 5941 or (786) 308 – 9552. You can also email us at [email protected].

We hope you have a great day, and look forward to working with you if you choose to.