"I was introduced to Alessandrina when I was going through a very difficult time and I can safely say that out of all the words of advice and support given to me by friends this introduction was truly the greatest gift I was given. If I was to sum up why she is so brilliant it is in her skill in arming you with the ability to find a new, more positive path by yourself. Alessandrina didn't once tell me how to deal with the circumstance I found myself in. Instead she listened, made sure I felt supported and asked me questions which helped me to find answers for myself. Through her teaching I'm able to look at myself and my life in a new way and I wouldn't hesitate to introduce her to a friend in need in the future."

Testimonial photo
Kelly W.

Global Account Manager


"Alessandrina is a fantastic, dedicated coach. She shows passion in what she does and makes it very clear that she cares about her clients and their well-being. She has given me a number of tools for self-awareness, and has taught me vast information about how understanding others can help my lifestyle. Her meditations are extremely helpful. Through working with her, I have better awareness of my emotions and can be more constructive in relationships with my clients, colleagues, family, friends, and loved ones."

Testimonial photo
Betsy E.

General Manager, Events

Tampa Bay, US

"Working with Alessandrina as my meditation coach has been absolutely wonderful. Not only has she helped me to see challenges in a new light and re-frame them in a positive way but her meditations have also helped me to de-stress in this ever busy world. Her coaching has been a transformative experience for me, both for my business and in my personal life. If you want to become the best version of yourself and live a happier life then I would highly recommend her coaching!"

Testimonial photo
Christine Cowern

Sales Representative, Real Estate

Toronto, Canada

"I started this introspective journey with Alessandrina in the summer of 2015. Since then, Alessandrina has been guiding me to release my deepest conscious and unconscious fears. This active journey brought in new light in areas of obscuration as well as renewal and energy. I feel like I see the world, my life and all relationships differently. I feel more confident and aware of what could be keeping me away from living my dreams. It is a long and somewhat painful process but Alessandrina's benevolence and sense of humor make it an enriching adventure."

Testimonial photo
Lauren Sharma

Human Resources

Paris, France

"Alesandrina is blessed with the gift of discernment, the ability to listen closely without judgement, and a talent for breaking down problems and challenges into the most basic structure in order that one can embark on a path of healing and resolution. She then provides a remarkable array of methods to achieve one's goals: physical training, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, journaling, Reiki, and many more. Her unique and spiritual approach, combined with her warmth, wisdom, and empathy, enable her to offer wise counsel and gentle encouragement that helps one consistently maintain a positive journey of self awareness and growth. Her work with me has been, simply, transformative."

Testimonial photo
V Miller


Miami Beach

"Alessandrina's knowledge of meditation, how to get to the root of your fear, how to clear your  fear, and how to live your life from intention so that you experience the joy you seek is second to none.  She has a way of explaining concepts that make it easy to understand and to integrate.  Her unique style is that she blends meditation with coaching. With her support, you will get a deeper understanding of how to meditate and how to use the techniques on your own so you can clear yourself when you need to.  She is also very good at helping you navigate through your emotions.  And you get to take home material to read and exercises to deepen your  learning.​"

Testimonial photo
Sophie Boyko

Strategic Sales & Leadership Expert, Sales & Business Coaching

Toronto, Canada

"Alessandrina introduced and guided me into the world of meditation. Now I meditate first thing in the morning every day, set up my intentions for the day and this helps me be mindful during the day. She helped me build a 'meditation habit', showing me all the benefits it can bring into someone´s life. Our session were always focused on working towards releasing my deepest fears and bringing a positive perspective into my life. I am extremly happy with all the work we´ve done together."

Testimonial photo
Natalia Reina

General Manager, Advertising

Madrid, Spain

"Negative emotions sometimes take over your life in such a way that it seems hard to remain joyful and happy.  During those times of despair and obscuration, I have found solace with Alessandrina's work. She helped open my eyes on the true meaning of life and the beauty that lies within each and every one of us. Through her guidance and patience, I have found the self-love I needed to accept myself fully and to continue to move forward constructively and positively while improving my relationships with others too"

Testimonial photo
Nathalie Guillotte

Social Worker

St Cyr sur Mer, France

"I met Alessandrina shortly after moving to Miami – and instantly felt a connection and ease in her presence, she radiates light, love and passion in all she does and it truly is magical to be around her. I am very grateful that our paths have crossed and feel blessed to share this journey with her – I highly recommend her and her services."

Testimonial photo
Tracey Bayer

Life Coach

London, UK

"I met Alessandrina during a very dark period of my life and she helped bring nothing but light into it. It is hard to summarize and put her magic, unique knowledge and practices into words. I cannot thank 'my angel' enough for what she has shown me."

Testimonial photo
Ruchie Farndon

Director, Media

London, UK

"For anyone interested in meditation and healing in general, Alessandrina is one the most talented healers I've ever met. I highly recommend her services.  You'll be delighted."

Testimonial photo
Carolina Canizares

Manager, Sales

Miami Beach, US